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"Curtis calmed our fears - he guaranteed the sale of our home in writing... and even better, Curtis company did what they promised and stepped in and actually bought our home so we could close on our new house. It happened exactly like Curtis said. He gave us a risk free look at selling our home, and made it possible to cancel at anytime.Everything worked out great, and it was truly no risk and no stress." - Troy & Tiffany Hill, Scottsdale, Arizona
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"My home was listed with another agent for 6 months with no success. I hired Curtis and he took care of everything & bought my house for FULL PRICE so I could move." 
-Rita Currie, Gilbert, Arizona
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First is a quick cash sale to an investor. Our investor network buys homes across Arizona, so our home buyers can assist you in the home selling process no matter where you need to sell a house. 

The second option is use our proven No Risk Home Sale program to expose your home to the most amount of buyers and attract a retail buyer by exposure and mass marketing. 
Our program has been able to get sellers a lot more money due to our aggressive marketing. If your time frame can allow between several weeks, this might be the best option to net the most money from your home sale. 

The third option we give you today is receive a guarantee that if I can't sell your home in 27 days, I will step in and buy it myself for cash! ... I've been here guaranteeing sellers home sales for a decade now, and I'm not going anywhere.  
 Your home sold in 27 days, or you pay zero percent commission or I'll step in and buy it myself for cash.

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